Landscape Design Services Sydney


Design consultation:
The beginning of the design journey begins with an onsite consultation with Rourke Hartwig, Director and principal designer of Regal Design Landscapes. This usually takes 60 – 90 minutes and enables Rourke to interpret site conditions, formulate ideas and openly discuss the project’s potential. Following this onsite meeting a fee’s proposal outlining the design process will be presented for your consideration.

Horticultural consultation:
This consultation service usually takes 60 minutes and is offered to those seeking specialist horticultural advice and includes in depth onsite discussions and advice and recommendations about present site and plant conditions.


With creative flare and imagination the vision of your new landscape is brought to life on plan. Careful consideration of site conditions and council regulations ensure that a functional and practical landscape design is created.

The design process is typically undertaken in the following way:

Concept development:
A landscape plan depicting the general layout of the proposed landscape as well as the positioning of plant material and all structural elements will be created and will address site conditions such as levels.

Working drawings:
In this stage, detailed plans including all relevant sections/elevations with level markers and a planting plan are created. In combination with engineer’s details these plans are fit for construction purposes and submission for development approval where required.

Detailed drawings:
If required, additional detailed drawings for specific componentry, lighting and dimension plans, custom engineering/fabrication, custom screen designs or similar will be quoted on an individual basis and will depend on the nature and detail of the design required.


With councils requiring a landscape plan as part of all new developments, and many structural landscape elements requiring approval the value of an experienced professional is central to a fast and successful outcome for your projects approval. Regal Design Landscapes can navigate the labyrinth of regulatory documentation and manage the approval process for you. This includes the preparation of plans and supporting documentation required for submission to an approval authority as well as consultation with councils, private certifiers and specialist consultants as required.

Depending on the nature of the project the approval process is directed in one of two ways:

Compliant Development Certificate or ‘CDC’:
CDC is a streamlined means of approval and is generally applicable to projects that meet specific criteria and zoning for this means of approval.

Council Development Approval or ‘DA’:
This is generally for more detailed or complex projects or for those that do not meet the criteria and zoning for CDC


Whilst the structural elements of the design form the backbone, it’s the plants that are the lifeblood bringing the vision of the design to its fullness. Working directly with a vast network of growers we are able to source and supply the highest quality plants to ensure the success of your project. All plant stock is carefully selected and delivered to site ready for installation.